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About Madrid

Madrid is a municipality and a city in Spain.

The locality, with the historical category of villa,9 is the capital of the State10 and of the Community of Madrid. Its municipal area, the most populated in Spain, is home to 3 334 730 registered inhabitants, according to the INE of 2020.

The associated metropolitan area has a population of 6 779 888 inhabitants,11 the second most populated in the European Union, according to the source, after Paris, and in other sources also behind the Ruhr Region, as well as the second most populated city in the European Union, after Berlin.12131415

The city has a nominal GDP of 133 129 million euros – 12% of national GDP – and a nominal GDP per capita of 41 600 euros (2018), making it the 1st Spanish metropolitan area in economic activity – 19% of GDP.16 It is also the first in terms of hotel overnight stays.17

As the capital of Spain, it is home to the headquarters of the Spanish Government and its Ministries, the Spanish Parliament (Congress and Senate), the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court, as well as the official residence of the King and Queen of Spain18 and the Prime Minister. Economically, it is the fourth richest city in Europe, after London, Paris and Moscow.19 In 2009, 50.1 % of the revenues of the top 5000 Spanish companies are generated by companies with headquarters in Madrid, which account for 31.8 % of them.20 It is home to the 4th largest stock market in Europe,21 the 2nd largest in Latin America (Latibex) and several of the world’s largest corporations.2223 It is the 8th city in the world with the largest presence of multinationals, after Beijing and Milan and ahead of Dubai, Paris and New York.

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